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i got a date!!!!!!!!

so this weekend i had my first gay date. he was really sweet and we had fun he had asked me to prom becouse we are the only two guys in our school that are into other guys and we were going to make history here and go together. but after the date he desided that we were too different and that we should take other guys. he is going to help me find one since i am so inexpierienced at dating. we are going to try the will and jack kind of relationship, he is definately the jack and i am the grungy will im willing to clean up for a man if he asks me to but untill then im keepin the mop on my head.... i shuld try to grow dreads that would be great. r there n/e guys in michiana out there (under 20) that would like to go to a high school prom???? bac to the date he took me on the south shore to michigan city to the outlet mall we went shopping all day and he baught me lunch too. i met his cousins and his "step dad" ---- his real dad was gay and had alot of medical problems ( he passed away a while ago) this is his dads life-partner he and his "stepdad" are really close--- in the biblical way---he is who my date lost his gay virginity to----on a webcam nonetheless..omg..but his "step dad" is really cool.
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